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Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Network Camera (Black)

Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Network Camera (Black)

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Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Network Camera (Black)

FEATURED Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Network Camera (Black)

  • With 3 simple steps you can get your mole up and running, without needing complex technological know how
  • You can remotely control the pan (270 degree) and tilt (125 degree) of your mole from any web browser and iphone
  • Built-in DVR (SD card required, SD card not included)
  • When the motion detection captures something, you can get immediate notifications with image attachments via email or twitter,
  • Sophisticated motion detection enables you to control how much movement will trigger a recording
  • When the motion detection captures something, you can get immediate notifications with image attachments via email or twitter.
The MOLE is the all-in-one network camera for all your social network communities. A simple 3-step steup gets this Wi-Fi camera up and running. Sophisticated built-in motion detection controls what you record, and will notify you via Twitter or email if the MOLE catches something. You can remotely control the pan & tilt angles, and monitor or record video from anywhere in the world. View it from your iPhone, or any web browser. Enjoy.

What customers say about Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Network Camera (Black)?

  1. 33 of 33 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Brilliant All Around, January 22, 2010
    Fireman “Gary” (Santa Rosa, CA USA) –

    This review is from: Astak Pan/Tilt Nighttime Vision IP Network Camera (Black) (Electronics)

    I’ve always been curious about what goes on at home when I’m not there. What do my dogs do all day? Can I watch my new modest baby play and maybe take its first steps even as I’m at work? This product is one of the simplest electronic products I’ve ever set-up. All I had to do was plug-in the camera, attach it to my home router and log in to the Astak site. My cameras were up and running.

    This product can be used for so many uncommon purposes: to be a video security/surveillance system, check on things at a business or home, or whatever else you can reckon of doing. Check out the material posted on You Tube. People in fact caught people robbing their business.

    This is what I like about this product:

    1. Setup was a breeze
    2. Only one wire to plug it into an outlet for power.
    3. I can go the cameras around as needed. For example, some days I place it in my garage to watch the dogs even as I’m gone. On other days, I have the camera sitting on the dresser in the babies room.
    4. They are associated to your internet wirelessly
    5. The website and camera functions are very simple to use
    6. The image quality is fantastic and the nighttime vision facility awesome.
    7. I can share my camera with my family anywhere so that they can see whats going on. (Even my Brother-In-Law in the Army)
    8. The range of my camera seemed just as excellent or better than my wireless home phone.
    9. Facility fantastic with my iPhone to check in via the web.
    10. The Yoics software program is very simple to use and simple to see other family members camera on a secure network. ( Many bonus features also for remote desktop applications)
    11. Directly posts videos to You Tube
    12. Email alerts, motion detection, scheduled recording times, etc.
    13. 270 degree turning radius with full tilt
    14. Audio- so you can in the least hear what’s going on
    15. Remote viewing,sharing, and controlling

    This is what I wish the product would do better:

    1. Provide me with an iPhone app soon so that I can quickly check-in with one push of a button
    2. Have a way for me to zoom into an area to get more clarity.
    3. Have a battery back-up

    By and large, I reckon the product is brilliant for people that want to see what’s going on in places when they are not there and they are not tech savy enough to hook up more trying systems. I would recommend this for anyone and plot on buying more cameras in the future.

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  2. 39 of 41 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Fantastic camera, does what I need it to do, December 3, 2010
    Paul Hee (Mesa, AZ) –

    This review is from: Astak Pan/Tilt Nighttime Vision IP Network Camera (Black) (Electronics)

    – Initial setup very simple.
    – Able to view easily from the web on computer or iPhone.
    – Email alerts for motion detection facility fantastic.
    – Video capture facility well and will automatically upload to You Tube.
    – Facility well on wireless.
    – Came with a 2GB SD Card (maybe only for Costco buys).
    – Nighttime time pictures are decent, better than expected.

    – Initialy could not view from the Mac or PC. See FAQ: […]
    – Software on the CD is worthless. Mac version did not work, didn’t bother with the PC version. Recommend ignoring the CD.
    – Software downloaded from […] for the Mac worked once, then after would by no means load. Finished up removing it. Recommend ignoring this software as well.
    – No ability to delete images or videos stored on the SD Card from the camera. You need to remove the SD Card and delete the files from a computer.
    – When trying to watch a video stored on the SD card, it may crash the browser. You need to save it to your computer first then play the file.


    For those attracted here’s my setup guide:

    Mole Camera Setup:
    – Get started:
    — Plug in LAN cable.
    — Plug in power.
    – Register Your Camera:
    — Go to: […]
    — Make a new account, it will notice your camera and bring up your camera’s home page.
    — Note: If Yoics’ site is down (unlikely), you can go directy to your camera’s home page by typing in the IP address, e.g.
    – Update browser:
    — At this point your camera is running, but you may not see a picture.
    — Reason is that you need to install an ActiveX Plug-in and/or QuickTime.
    — Instructions: […]
    – Setup Wireless:
    — Attach WiFi antenna.
    — From your camera’s web site, click the [Advanced] –> [Network] tabs.
    — Click the [Search] button and select your router.
    — Enter in the security settings for your router.
    — Unplug the power to your camera, unplug your LAN cable, plug the power back in. This will reset the camera so that it will now start using WiFi.

    Setup Alerts and Remote Storage space:
    – Setup email notification:
    — From your camera’s web site, click the [Advanced] –> [e-mail] tabs.
    — For this you need to have an email account with SMTP. This is so that the camera can send the alert using this email account.
    — Enter the your email account settings.
    — Predictable email settings: […]
    – Setup Alarm:
    — From your camera’s web site, click the [Advanced] –> [Alarm] tabs.
    — Check “E-mail Alarm”.
    — Check “Send with Picture”.
    — Check “Save Picture on the SD card”.
    — Check `Save Video on the SD card”. Must have this checked to upload to a remote storage space.
    – Setup Remote Storage space for Video (discretionary):
    — Make a YouTube or Twitter account. This is if you want to upload your videos on the web so you can view them simpler.
    — You can make these uploads private so that no one else can view them.
    — From your camera’s web site, click the [Advanced] –> [Remote Storage space] tabs.
    — Enter your YouTube and/or Twitter account settings. Select “Private Youtube Upload” if you want to.
    — Note: You need to have selected “Save Video on the SD card”.

    Setup Motion Detection and Schedule:
    – Setup Motion Detection:
    — From your camera’s web site, click the [Advanced] –> [Motion detection] tabs.
    — Select the areas where you want the camera to notice motion. I just used one dialogue box and expanded it to the full cover.
    — Select the sensitivity for each dialogue box. I set mine to 26. At 45 I was getting too many alerts.
    – Setup Schedule:
    — This is when you want the camera’s motion detection to be running. Generally you want to schedule it when you’re not home.
    — From your camera’s web site, click the [Advanced] –> [Schedule] tabs.
    — Set the days and times.
    – Setup Auto Capture (discretionary):
    — This is if you want to pictures to be taken at regular intervals.
    — I didn’t bother with this.
    — From your camera’s web site, click the [Advanced] –> [Remote Storage space] tabs.

    Setup Camera as Virtual Web Server (Discretionary):
    Naturally you should be able to access the camera from […]
    But, if you want to remove any dependency on Yoics’ server, then you can setup your router to operate the camera as a virtual web server. I did it mainly for fun.
    – Setup User Access:
    — Out of the box, camera authentication is not active, which is ok if you’re going to access via Yoics’ site. But if you want to access your camera directly then you’ll want to enable authentication.
    — From your camera’s web site, click the [Advanced] –> [User] tabs.
    — Check “Enable”.
    — Enter passwords for…

    Read more

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  3. 14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Not a terrible camera; relatively simple to set up, June 15, 2011

    This review is from: Astak Pan/Tilt Nighttime Vision IP Network Camera (Black) (Electronics)

    I recently bought this from Costco. I was looking for a wireless IP Camera to use as a baby monitor that could pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) and that I could view it from my computer or Machine phone . This camera seemed to fit the bill. Setup was pretty simple and I can barely use Excel; I was able to connect it to my router via wifi honestly easily and could view it on my computer and my phone over the network by typing in the camera’s assigned router IP address. Even as it says it supports all browsers, it facility best with Internet Explorer. Unless I’m missing something, I could only get signal when using H.264 streaming using Chrome and Firefox. JPEG streaming would only produce a picture and no signal. I prefer using IE anyway, so it’s no biggie to me, but might be to others. Also, there is virtually no delay with PTZ when using IE, but a slight delay with other browsers. PTZ was more delayed and the video choppy when using my Machine phone. And since Machine does not have a Quicktime plugin for their browser, I didn’t have signal. They also have instructions on how to view the camera through if you were away from home without going through their Yoics website. This was the toughest part for me because I didn’t know how to open a port on my router. Once I figured that out, it was simple. They say it’s less safe, but someone would have to know your IP address and know which one of the 65,000 ports the camera was on. If you are paranoid about someone accessing your camera, you can always set up a security password in order to view the camera. I in fact prefer going through dyndns as it’s less choppy and it’s free. I would recommend not going through their Yoics setup as it’s not necessary and is only there so they can get you to sign up for their premium benefit. The nighttime vision is excellent, although the edges of the video are a modest dark. Motion detection is fantastic; you can set up 4 zones and choose how huge each zone is and how sensitive the detection is. Email notification setup was simple and pictures were sent quickly and came in pretty clear. I haven’t tried the built-in DVR yet.

    Now for the things I don’t like about this camera. As I mentioned earlier, I can’t get signal when I use my phone’s browser, but that’s not a huge deal. What I really wish you could do with this camera is turn off all the LEDs. Unless you cover up the LEDs, the camera isn’t incognito at nighttime. Now and again our baby wakes up in the middle of the nighttime and stares directly at the camera. Also, the IR lights around the camera used for nighttime vision have a red glow and click when turning on and off; it would have been nice if they did not light up like our Summer Infant baby monitor camera and was silent. It also gets a modest warm to the touch. I would give this camera a 3.5 star if I could, but since I can’t, I rounded up. I’m on the fence about returning this camera, but I have not found another one that is wireless and has all these features for about the same price. Turning off the LED lights and having a no-glow infrared would make this 5 stars.

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